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Great Danes Sandy & Paul Lipman Lisvane, Cardiff, South Wales Lisvane

Sandy & Paul Lipman from Lisvane in Cardiff, South Wales, UK.

Our first darling girl Portia (Portia of Llysfaen), the most beautiful brindle dane, came to us from the late Doreen Webb of the Maxelga Kennels.

This was the start of our love affair with this gentle breed as Portia looked after, and entertained, our children and their friends, with a sense of humour and the greatest of patience.  

Then came Hugo (Corindane Tax Evasion of Lisvane) a larger than life fawn, bred by Corinna Hamer (Corindane). Suddenly we had entered the world of dog showing and there was no going back.

One great dane became two when Cameo (Corindane my Cameo) entered our lives, her black mask dark till the end. Our first litter from Cameo was a bumper bundle of 13, lucky for us.  What an initiation into breeding!

Well that is how it started and continues.  We have made many wonderful friends through our danes and also said some sad farewells.  

Each one of our precious danes holds a special place in our hearts.

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